Your Power Zone

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Your Power Zone  [RYLTV #109]

What turns you on?!

Are you bringing everything you've got to live the authentically aligned life you deserve? Get rid of all doubt and fear to step into your power zone with confidence.

It's really easy..... all you have to do is give yourself a meditation moment and pull into your Zen Spot. Use this technique daily to energize yourself out of stress and overwhelm. When you do this, your life will flow, easily and effortlessly.

• Let the best parts of you surface
• Get more out of your life
• Stay in your Power Zone!

Meet Paula:
Rock Your Life TV with Paula D'Andrea!Clients and colleagues say she's a Tony Robbin's type with the sagacity of Oprah, who delivers her pearls of wisdom like Joan Jett sings “I Love Rock +Roll.”

An alchemical mash-up of healer, personal development guru and spiritual guide, Paula D'Andrea has a soulful quality that will burst your limitations like a piñata!

Born and raised in the Ocean State, Paula traveled 3000 miles to the City of Angels, one of the largest meccas for Health and Holistic Practices.

Since arriving in Los Angeles, Paula has been featured on/in The Wall Street Journal,, 2 Amazon International Best Sellers, KTLA, KNBC and Telemundo. She is also the founder and producer of the web series, Rock Your Life TV.

She supports spiritually conscious women over 40 reclaim and recalibrate their energy, giving them the confidence and visibility they deserve to live the freedom lifestyle they've always desired.


Paula D'Andrea

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