Relieve Stress This Holiday Season

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Relieve Stress This Holiday Season With 12 Days Of Fitmas - Part 1

Are you getting bogged down with the hustle & bustle of the Holidays? Give yourself a time out with the 12 Days of Fitmas!

We may practice different beliefs, but we all believe in the same thing - Love. With Love, you find Peace. With Peace, you find Freedom. Freedom to live fully as you are meant to be - in sync with your feelings, your bodies, your thoughts, your connection to ourselves and others.

This holiday season, take a break from shopping, baking, obligatory visiting, parties & wracking your brain for the perfect gift, and join me to put a few moments of nourishment, renewal and love into your day.

This season, find the purity, magic and wonder of the Holidays with 12 Inspirations for you to experience expansion in your body, your mind, your spirit. 

Part 1 Inspiration Words:  Celebrate, Warmth, Hydrate

Find the things that turn you on…. about you! That is the Celebration. You. Short, sweet and simple. Grab Life by the balls, go all out, and live it up! Take a good look. What holds true for you? What do you Celebrate on an ongoing basis? Start noticing & start Celebrating!! Find the things about you that turn you on. The things that you say and do when you say ‘hey, I’m the shit!’ Revel and reveal in those moments.

Build yourself up, one enlightened moment at a time. This time of year is full of moments to shine your brightest…. to let every little Celebration you’ve ever had come through as you spread your Holiday cheer. Let your lust for life glow as you ‘ho, ho, ho’ and paint the town red. Low key or larger than life, rejoicing – loving life all the way!

What do you do for your warm up before you begin exercising? A lot of people overlook the warm up phase of their exercise program..... I hope you aren't one of them! When you first begin your routine, take 3-5 minutes to let your body acclimate and begin to open into the movement. Even if you're leading off with Cardio, it's important to take those initial moments to begin raising your core temp.

Giving your body an opportunity to open and warm makes for better recruitment from your muscles in whatever exercise you're engaging in. This greatly reduces your chances of injury and is a welcome state for your body. All dynamic movement becomes enhanced, oxygen flow is better and your heart rate is allowed to increase at a safe and effective rate.

What is the truth of your body? Are you watering it enough? Sometimes if you're feeling a little sluggish, you may actually be dehydrated. Fatigue is a common side effect of dehydration as is restlessness, irritability and water retention.

If you aren't drinking water, begin with four 8oz glasses per day and work towards adding 2-4 glasses over the next week. The jury is still out on dosage - many disputes have been made against the always suggested 64 oz per day. Tune into your body to discover your release point. A good indication you've reached it is you may not be as bloated, and you'll be peeing more. If your urine is dark gold, more than likely you are dehydrated. As it gets lighter, you most likely are on your way to hydration.

For those of you who don't like drinking water, I'd suggest adding a flavor. The original 'Fat Flush' calls for 4oz of water to 28oz of pure cranberry juice. The added benefit is that the cran water will start to pull waste from your body for elimination. This time of year is perfect to add Airborne or Emergen-C to reduce germination as you enter more into heated, crowded places. Many people like to add Starbucks Via Instant (my favorite is Very Berry Hibiscus) or plain old lemon with hot water, which has been a long time diuretic.



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