Who Are You [RYL TV #67]

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Who Are You?

When you’re living from a place of truth….. one that lines up with WHO you really are, you’ll be in Alignment & ROCKING your life.

What happens when you fall out of alignment? When clarity fades, and you aren’t really sure of the familiar anymore. Maybe, you don’t even feel it’s relevant. When that clarity fades, and the known becomes the unknown, you may fall into a consciousness crisis.

In this episode, we’ve got guest expert Carol Pilkington to give you insight on how to take that journey, and come out on the other side.

Your life is a journey. It unfolds every day, and it’s up to you to participate and be in stride with your life. Here on Rock Your Life TV, we’re dedicated to bringing you new information on how you can make your transitions and transformations, easily and effortlessly.

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In this episode of Rock Your Life TV, I’m delighted to bring you Spiritual Leader and Mentor, Carol Pilkington. Carol’s training is unique in that she’s had an eclectic background in many modalities, holistic systems, and teachings. It has provided her with a wealth of different sources from which to draw data, and metaphysical principles and concepts – to introduce to clients and students that prohibits dogma.

About Carol: Carol has had numerous mystical experiences and experienced altered states of consciousness
(without the assistance of drugs) that have enabled her to integrate all of what she has learned into her daily livingness. Studying a subject matter is not enough. In order to make something your own you must experience it directly. Carol teaches people how to contemplate and go deeper into the nature of a subject matter- to arrive
at answers based on experience – not intellect.

In order to make something your own you must directly experience it. Carol works with adults usually 40 and over who have achieved a certain level of career success but still feel a void and are in some kind of transition. What they’ve known and are familiar with no longer is satisfying or matters. They are seeking a deeper meaning and purpose. Often times the biggest question that is coming up is “Who Am I?’ It could be called a crisis of consciousness. Completion of cycles and Transition and how they go hand in hand. Meditation is more than a technique. You must go into the nature of mind before you can quiet the mind.
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