Guitars Not Guns, Music Not Medicine [RYL TV #71]

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Guitars Not Guns, Music Not Medicine

In this episode hear Gregg sing GNG anthem, ‘Set Me Free’

Are you ready for a modern day hero?  You’ll meet one in this episode of Rock Your Life TV! Find out how a troubled youth, who became the victim of a crime as an adult turned his love of music into a loving project.

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Gregg Hammond grew up in the tropical paradise of the Florida Keys. His life was anything but utopian. Drug smugglers, bank robbers, hurricanes and greed wiped out everything but his spirit.  On a quest to save his soul, Gregg ‘found himself’ in the wilderness.

He took his unique skill set to the streets to help at-risk youth and foster kids find that same power within themselves in his successful mentoring program, Guitars Not Guns.

In Guitars Not Guns, student participants complete an agreement to borrow the guitar, and take good care of it. They sign the agreement to practice, and if no longer interested, return the guitar. Students are taught lessons once a week, for an hour long class. The level one students are taught 6 guitar chords, and must be able to name all the parts of the instrument.

When they are able to do so and can pass a test, they have earned the guitar, gig bag, strap and are awarded a certificate. All graduates of level one are invited to come back for the level two. Level two is a continuation of basic skills. Students have the opportunity to learn to play the GNG guitar anthem “Set Me Free”.  The students have the opportunity to perform the song at open mics and recitals.

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About Gregg: Greggory Hammond has over 30 years of experience playing and teaching guitar. Weaved together with his knowledge in philosophy, mentoring, music neurology, and music therapy he created a method of learning and teaching designed to bring out a students full potential. He has a free spirited and positive attitude. His engaging instructional technique, in addition to his musical knowledge is sure to encourage and inspire even the novice musician. Gregg believes in the power of practice, knows it’s essential to make progress, and he feels students should enjoy themselves as they grow through their musical journey. Gregg at DC Guitar Lessons has served over 4,000 students since 1999. He has performed his original acoustic rock music both locally & nationally, for small and large audiences. He is the founder and president of Guitars Not Guns Children’s Music charity in Washington DC MD VA; providing guitars and free instruction to foster kids and at risk youth.
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