The Science of Happiness [RYL TV #78]

Posted on 24. Aug, 2015 by in Rock Your Life TV

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C’mon, GET HAPPY!  In this episode meet Ricky Powell – America’s #1 Happiness Guy!

Wouldn’t it be awesome to love your life on a daily basis?  In fact, how great would it be to make, ‘happy’ the new normal?  What if you could actually be happy even 50% of the time – we want to Rock you up to 98.6 percent! 

Join us as Ricky and I discuss the tools involved to help you get there, and how you can help others get there too.

Ricky PowellAbout Ricky Powell: Ricky grew up as a child actor working with some of Hollywood’s biggest legends (Elizabeth Montgomery, Henry Fonda, Edward G. Robinson). After 40 years in the entertainment industry, he realized he had dedicated his life to an industry that he loved, yet also recognized how much negativity it was spreading throughout the world. After 25 years at NBC, Ricky is now an author, speaker, coach and consultant. He is the founder of Lifelong, author of, Happiness Rocks and creator of the Love Your Life Coaching Program.

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