Change Your DNA With Epigenetics [RYL TV #65]

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Do you feel like you’re a victim of your DNA?
Did you know the heart is considered the ‘2nd brain’?
Do you know your body code?

What is your relationship to your DNA? Do you sometimes feel you’re dragging around energy that doesn’t quite feel like? In this episode of Rock Your Life TV, meet Epigeneticist, Charan Surdhar. She has some really interesting information to share with you about your DNA and how you can change it.

How do most people interpret their Relationship to their DNA
Do you believe that you are a victim to your DNA? That if your parents or grandparents have or had heart disease, or diabetes, or cancer, do you believe that you will get it too? What if this wasn’t true and that you were told, that you aren’t a victim to your DNA?

Rock Your Life TV Guest Expert: Charan Surdhar is a geneticist by academic training and work history, turned epigeneticist from her innermost desire to reveal the truth about our human potential. Today, she works specifically with genetic diseases, assisting to release the energy, in the form of emotions, beliefs and perceptions that get in the way of the natural flow of the body to bring about positive gene expression. She has been featured on the Hidden Science TV show, and also for the upcoming movie Punk Science. Connect with Charan by visiting

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