Paula D’Andrea, founder of Rock Your Life TV (RYL TV) is a dynamic interviewer who designs her programs to be quick, fun and deep.  Her fluid style creates the space for the viewer to experience an energetic shift into their inner being.  She has been seen on or in: WSJ,, an Amazon Bestseller, Blog Talk Radio, KTLA, KNBC and Telemundo.

What it’s about
Rock Your Life TV is about bringing viewers an experience to transform their lives.  To bring them ways to empower and celebrate themselves to make the changes they desire with soundbite delivery… we want to keep viewers engaged with interactive dialogue!  Whether it comes from a solid tip, A-HA, or technique my guest expert is providing, it adds value to the viewer’s life.

Why I want you
As the founder and producer of Rock Your Life TV, I’m interested in profiling professionals who are experts in the fields of wellness, energy, transformation and business. Most importantly, you are an innovator and implementer who……
walks their talk
has an interest in Life
is ready to co-create an experience
All while providing great service to others!

I’m looking for experts who stand behind their message, who are heart centered and have an ability to concisely convey great information, tips, techniques and processes for viewers to easily absorb.  Please be ready to share the person behind the book or product who has overcome their own transformation to be a leading expert in their field.
*Rock Your Life TV is a Joint Venture (JV) and guests are requested to send a solo email during the first 1-3 days of their air date and social media during the week the show is featured.  If you’d like to promote a product, please provide an affiliate link for me, and if you’d like to sponsor the segment, please contact me via email,

In consideration of time and to accommodate all regions, your segment will be shot on Blab or using a Google ‘On Air’ Hangout.  Segments run between 10-15 minutes, and are distributed for top box viewing (Samsung, Apple TV and ROKU).  A day or two prior to your air date, you will receive live links for promotion to your database and social media.  *Episode cannot be altered/edited (see RYL TV Release), and requires a link back to for usage.

Segment Details
Each show is presented on Thursdays and viewable on, Blubrry Channel on ROKU (Health/Science Category) Apple TV, iTunes, Samsung, Blackberry, Kindle Fire and YouTube. Video and Podcasts are available for download and viewing on iTunes in the Health/Self Help section.

My Contact Details
Phone: 424-262-0348

Please use the form below to submit your guest request.  (review Release)
Once your submission is reviewed, you will receive an email with instructions to schedule an appointment.