Live Your Truth

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Live Your Truth

The best gift you can give yourself is to reveal your truth to yourself.  It isn’t always easy…… it will be worth it.  When you dive into your life to come up with the ‘stories’ and begin looking at them from a new perspective, you’ll find that will shift you into a new light. 

The truth can be hard to digest – especially if you’ve been running from it for a while. Or covering it up, hiding from it or making excuses about it. There comes a point where you can’t do any of that anymore because it’s just become unbearable. It gets to a point where you’re exhausted by it, pissed off from the sabotage it’s created, frustrated and unhappy. Have you had enough?

The truth is, you aren’t even fooling yourself. You’re aware of the cylces you’ve created, just unsure of how to get out of them. Let me help you out, I’ve got some experience here. For years, I Rock’d a Hot Mess. I was caught up in the ‘dark side’ – hidden, shut down and accident prone. I had a great ‘game face’ and knew how to ‘play the game’ better than anyone.

It wasn’t until I bottomed out several times and sunk to my lows, stewing in a lower vibration, that I allowed myself to begin facing some of my truths and acknowledging my ‘need to be right’ syndrome. That I could see the cycles of emotional and physical pain I was creating, that were sabotaging me over and over again.

Fear, shame, guilt, embaressment, distrust, low esteem and confidence kept me stuck. I’d succeed to a certain extent and get knocked to the ground – literally, figuratively and physically. How many wake up calls do you need?

Well, I took a hit on every front – emotionally, energetically, spiritually, financially, physically, intellectually – several times – before I was brutally honest with myself. Each time I took a hit, some piece of me came online.

The more that happened, and the more I embraced all of me – the good, the bad and the ugly – the more I was able to accept myself and my lower vibrations, my dark side, my mistakes, my misfortunes, my life. Lucky for me, I’ve got a strong Light. One that radiates transformation. One that allows me to observe and nurture. One that allowed to appreciate myself and my higher vibration.

A lifetime of pain, a lifetime of discomfort, a lifetime of unhappiness put me on a Quest to raise my vibration. I’ve studied, I’ve learned, I’ve practiced with the best of the best in the metaphysical, energy and therapeutic fields. I’ve learned the energy of my mind, body, spirit and Pono. It took me years. I learned humility, resilience and perseverance. I earned respect, healing and love for myself. And I want to share that with you.

I want to cut your chase, end your pain. To meet you where you are on your journey and help you stand in your truth. To get ‘right’ with yourself. To be in the grace of your alignment to be exquisitely you. To be love and to be loved. To be happy, joyful and free. To know yourself, love yourself and accept yourself – deeply, completely, fully and wholly. To be brutally honest with yourself and end your pain. To be in Harmony with your highest vibe, so you can Rock ya self out.

You have a choice – remain in the lower vibration or Rock a Higher Vibe. If you want that, and you’re ready – really ready to step out of your lower vibration and Rock your Highest vibe, here’s what I want you to do next…. click here so you can give yourself what you need to Rock your vibe.

I see you, I’m ready for you….   thank you for Rockn’ your vibe with me – I’ll see you on the other side!
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