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Have you spent hours, days or years struggling with your mind, body or emotion? I've got just what you need! Hi, I'm Paula D'Andrea, The Reset Expert.... welcome to Rock Your Life TV.

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Do you have a host of limiting beliefs and thoughts that take up a lot of space in your head. That constant chitter-chatter going on that drives you crazy? Relax, the good news is – you aren't crazy.... your mind has just latched on to an event and created a story...... and everything in your body and mind is driven by it.

Think about it for a minute. Do you notice how your breathing changes with certain emotions and thoughts?

For over 20 years I've been helping people fit in their bodies. My clients get out of their own way by giving up limiting beliefs and a need to be right. After years of struggle, they realize guilt, shame, resistance, fear and anger works against them, rather than for them.

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About Paula: Paula D'Andrea's Zen-Rock energy is just the zest you need to stare down your biggest challenge. Under her soulful eye, you will gain renewed clarity, focus and confidence for new outcomes. Her programs are for you if you're ready live a healthy, affluent, freedom lifestyle.

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