Your True North [RYLTV #113]

Posted on 26. Jan, 2018 by in Rock Your Life TV

Is life taking you down an unknown path that you're having a hard time navigating? It's easier when you find, and align, your true north.

This year, The True North Method principles are featured on Rock Your Life TV. Host Paula D'Andrea coaches, consults and speaks globally on how you can become aligned with your true north. Paula equips executive and entrepreneurial mavericks with the navigation tools and inner GPS system they need to align with the path in leadership, influence and fulfillment.

Now you can learn the same principles, without the financial investment. Your programming here on Rock Your Life TV is free, and if you'd ever like support, you can contact Paula's team at

When you're stuck in the dark, rough spots, it is challenging to find your way. When you learn to use your inner gps, you can rely on your inner guidance any time and stay on an infinite course. As you advance and new challenges come up, all you have to do is give yourself a tune-up.

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